Uber Is No Longer Providing Riders With Upfront Fixed Prices In California!

Big changes for anyone that takes Uber.

On Jan. 8, in emails to riders and drivers, Uber detailed the updates to its pricing and payment platform. Most significantly for riders, UberX fares will no longer be stated upfront; instead, passengers will see an estimated price range for the trip. UberPool (shared) trips will still show upfront pricing.

The changes are meant to prevent drivers from being reclassified as employees rather than independent contractors.

Uber has made numerous changes for drivers, including the ability see key details, including pickup, trip time, distance, destination and fare before accepting a trip. In addition, drivers can now reject a trip without penalty — which could make it more difficult for riders to find a driver for short, relatively unprofitable trips.

The company will now cap its commission at 25% for UberX rides (28% for UberXL, Comfort, SUV and Lux trips), and trip surge rates will now be shown as a multiple of the standard fare rather than a dollar amount.

What do you think about the changes?