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Survey: Most Are Neglecting Their Personal Hygiene Amid COVID-19 Crisis.


A new survey of nearly 1,500 people by Illinois dermatology practice Advanced Dermatology shows that those working remotely due to COVID-19 tend to neglect personal hygiene and beauty habits and are particularly worried about gaining weight.

Of those surveyed, many respondents said they are keeping up with their daily routines but others are letting certain personal hygiene practices go.

91% of those surveyed say they dress more casually while working from home.

One in five admit to not brushing their teeth as often.

One in three said they are even showering and doing laundry less often.

61 percent of people say they do their hair less.

19 percent say they are continuing to regularly wear makeup.

Half of the respondents say they dress up more for video calls and almost half put on makeup for the camera.

54 percent of people are concerned about potential weight gain including being less physically active, having easier access to food, and eating more to cope with anxiety.

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