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Seeing A "Status Not Available" When Checking For Your Stimulus Payment?

If you are checking on the status of your stimulus check from the government and getting a “status not available” message when checking the progress, there's a reason.

Amy Krainas is a certified public accountant and says for most people the not available status shows up because the IRS is processing your bank account information.

“IRS’s application ‘get my payment’ has not updated their system yet with the tax payer’s information,” said Krainas.

If you are collecting social security or disability payments, you do not need to file a tax return. In the meantime the not available status may show up.

Other reasons you may see the message is if you owed money on your 2018 or 2019 taxes and the IRS does not have a bank account to link to.

Those who did not file tax returns for 2018 and 2019 will also see the message.

“For some reason or another, you don’t get your check or your income is too high and it drops in 2020, you will be getting a credit of that amount on your 2020 tax return,” said Krainas.

Refreshing the IRS’s website will not help get your money faster, as the website is updated only once per day.

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