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Bay Area Resident Shares Her Dining Experience In A Napa Restaurant!

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Bay Area resident KD took full advantage of the shelter-in-place being lifted in Napa County and dined at several restaurants in Napa this past weekend.

KD says she was pleasantly surprised with how nice everyone was, whether it be the staff or the fellow diners wherever she went. She said face masks were required to enter all restaurants but once you are in the restaurants, you can take your mask off while you're at your table.

She said customers seemed very appreciative that they were able to be out. KD had a great point too: People easily could have been in bad moods from being cooped up for so long, but instead, she said it was the opposite. Everyone was friendly and in a good mood.

She talked to Jack Kulp and Carolyn McArdle about her experience.

Listen below...

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