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How the SF Giants Are Staying Safe After Player Tests Positive For COVID-19

As MLB teams get ready for their shortened 60 game seasons, the Giants are one of the numerous teams that have been hit by the coronavirus. 

The Giants confirmed on Monday that 2019 first round pick, Hunter Bishop has tested positive for coronavirus. 

He will be temporarily kept off of the Giants 60 man player pool. 

Sports medicine doctor Rand McClain talked about how the MLB (and Giants) are going to keep their players safe.

“We are going to be requiring these players and those associated with them to do way more than the average person. And I know we are freaking out in the current uptick but remember while we are watching the uptick in infections, notice the downtick since May in mortality rate,” McClain said.

Players and staff will be required to go through medical testing and screening processes before they enter team facilities. 

The league has also banned spitting items such as sunflower seeds, peanut shells, and tobacco. 

Pitchers will be allowed to carry wet rags in their pocket instead of the common habit of licking their fingers for moisture. 

Dr. McClain believes the biggest issue may be soft tissue and other injuries due to a sudden increase in intense workouts for the players.

Jack Kulp and Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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