The Morning Breeze w/ Carolyn McArdle & Cort Johnson

The Morning Breeze w/ Carolyn McArdle & Cort Johnson

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Hear How One Of Our Breeze Listeners Stepped Up To Help Another!

Sometimes life can really be amazing.

We've shared several stories about one of our Breeze listeners, Lori Campbell, who works for San Lorenzo Unified School District in Hayward who delayed a $2000 root canal when the pandemic started so she could use the money to buy groceries for her students who couldn't afford meals. That generosity then turned to neighbors, and friends and friends of friends and soon, Lori had an entire network of people that were donating money to the cause so Lori could continue buying food for people all over the Bay Area and volunteers even stepping up to help with deliveries! Some of the people helping Lori with deliveries and pitching in for donations are our listeners here on the Breeze!

Since Lori started doing deliveries back in March when the coronavirus pandemic started, she has made over 100 deliveries and collected almost $14,000 in donations! But her root canal still hadn't happened.

Enter Dr. Dennis Prat DDS at The Dental Touch in Oakland. Dr. Prat listens to the Breeze on his way to work everyday and heard Lori on the air. He called and Jack and Carolyn were able to get Dr. Prat on the phone with Lori to offer her this really special surprise!

Listen to the call below...

We cannot thank Dr. Prat and the great people at The Dental Touch (Trish at the reception desk!) for your generosity and kindness. For them to step up and to do this for Lori who has given so much to our community, you really, truly made her day and ours as well.

If you have any dental needs, give Dr. Prat and his staff a call at 510-324-9096 or click here. We can tell you that there are at least three people that would give a GREAT reference for him!

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