Bring You Own Bags Restrictions Lifted In Some Counties

After being banned for over three months, reusable grocery bags have been given the green light. But there are some rules.

Not all Bay Area counties have lifted the restrictions regarding bringing your own bags to the store, so check with the county where you live. The restrictions were put in place to protect check out clerks and other employees. If you bring your own bags, you’ll have to do the bagging, and you can do it a couple of different ways.

Some people tell the clerk to just put the items back in the cart, then roll the cart to their car and bag them in the trunk. Some stores have bagging tables outside the store.

Since the bring-your-own-bags ban has been in place, it’s estimated that stores have handed out over one billion single-use plastic bags. Obviously the ban was put into place to protect check-out clerks who see 500 shoppers on busy days.

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