Man With Acquired Savant Syndrome Talks About The Accident That Caused It.

After a diving accident in 2006, Derek Amato got a concussion that caused him to lose 35% of the hearing in his left ear and some memories from that day. While visiting a friend days after the accident, Derek began playing the piano at the level of a concert pianist, yet he had never played prior to this. Derek’s head trauma gave him Acquired Savant Syndrome. This is a rare but remarkable condition in which a neurotypical person suddenly can access and release previously dormant capacity or ability, sometimes at a prodigious level. There are only 50 known prodigious savants in the world and Derek is one of them.

Fate struck another blow when Derek got into a head-on car accident in October of 2019.

Derek discussed his extraordinary gift in his 2013 book, “My Beautiful Disaster” and today, he talked to Carolyn McArdle on the Morning Breeze about his accident. Listen below...

Photo credit above: Cade Martin Photography

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