Tony Sandoval on The Breeze

Nordstrom Selling Dirty Looking, Taped Up Sneakers for $530.00!!!
Jolly Sheep Prances around like a Dog.
What is the best city in America to have a good time?
75 Year Old Grandpa has turned SNOOZING into a Charitable act.
Stuffed Panda Comes to “LIFE” when given an Ice Cream Cone
Adorable Baby laughs like a CHIPMUNK!
Street Food around the World that will cost $1.00
Sleepy Baby Finally Gives in and Snuggles with Dog.
Bono sings an impromptu Song for Crying Child.
Vegan BBQ brisket sparks thousands of ANGRY comments
Hero Rescues 6 dogs during Hurricane Florence
Little Girl finds Terrifying Halloween theme… FUN.


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