Why SF Costco Is Serving Only Diet Soda At Their Food Court!

If you love a good regular Coke or Pepsi and you shop at Costco in San Francisco, you will be bummed out to hear that that particular Costco offers only diet sodas and unsweetened iced tea now. 

This is due to the city's "Sugary Drinks Tax" that was passed in 2016 to curb sugar consumption and, in turn, reduce obesity and diabetes.

Beginning on Jan. 1, all businesses were required to pay a one-percent per fluid ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages on their initial distribution within San Francisco. And you know Costco...always looking to save money...so they made the decision to avoid the tax (and help our waistlines) by no longer offering sugar-fueled beverages at Costco in San Francisco. 

Truth be told, the manager of that particular Costco says that avoiding the sugary drinks tax helps keep the pricing down so they don't have to raise the price on the $1.50 hot dog/soda combo! 

(Photo: Getty Images) 

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air. Listen here: 

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The Morning Breeze

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