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The Morning Breeze. December 5, 2022.

The Morning Breeze. December 2, 2022.

Jack's hiccup this morning before work...
This is why American's are staying home more often
Tennessee High School football tradition carries on!
Carolyn's friend had an awkward Santa moment!

The Morning Breeze. December 1, 2022.

Christine McVie passed away yesterday :(
You can now make some good money off of your old car.
Brighter Side.
The Rock buys all of the Snickers bars at the 7-11 that he used to steal from.

Fortune Feimster talks about her new special and her upcoming tour!

Fortune Feimster talks about her new special on Netflix called "Good Fortune" and her upcoming tour! Carolyn and Fortune also "dive into" the bit from her special "Sweet and Salty" about Fortune's experience on the swim team! (Recorded 11-2022)

The Morning Breeze. November 30, 2022.

Good morning!
So many of us feel pressure to be the best gift giver!
Brighter Side.
Carolyn doesn't put a Christmas tree up. Is that sad?
Jack put his holiday decorations up yesterday.
Do you know what "desk bombing" is?

The Morning Breeze. November 29, 2022.

Where are the Embarcadero lights?
The wine industry is losing drinkers :(
2 doctors who happen to be competing in a 1/2 marathon in Monterey save the lives of 2 runners who had heart attacks.
Jack's boys tossed their memories!
Klay Thompson says being off of social media has changed his life.

Peter Billingsley talks "A Christmas Story" and "A Christmas Story Christmas!"

Watching A Christmas Story has become a holiday tradition ever since TNT began its annual marathon of the beloved movie in 1997. As a result of its popularity, the holiday movie classic is finally getting a sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas, with original star Peter Billingsley returning to his role as Ralphie. Carolyn talks to Peter about the sequel as well and what it was like to be on that set all these years later. (Recorded 11-2022)

The Morning Breeze. November 28, 2022.

Good morning! How was your weekend?
The Real ID deadline is approaching!
Brighter Side.
Healthy eating is on hold for 60% of us for the remainder of the year.
Charles Schultz would have been 100 today.
Jack=Clark Griswald.

The Morning Breeze. November 23, 2022.

Good morning! What are your pre-Thanksgiving plans?
America's favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.
Brighter Side.
Bay Area police dept. offering catalytic converter theft prevention kits.
The 5 weirdest Thanksgiving favorites by state.

The Morning Breeze. November 22, 2022.

The Embarcadero lights in SF weren't on today and it's thrown Jack's whole day! (Well, not really, but....kind of ;) )
More airports are allowing you to reach the gate without a boarding pass.
Brighter Side.
Oakland's Amy Schneider wins the "Jeopardy" TOC!
Crab season is delayed again this year.
Carolyn is being bombarded with Facebook ads! Here's how you can stop them (sort of).