Sanitation Worker Gifts Toy Truck To Boy Who Waits Outside, Greets Him!

Aaron Mitchell, an employee of American Waste Control sees a little boy named Miles in Oklahoma on a regular basis whenever he goes along on his work route.

Miles is always waiting outside to greet him and the rest of the team with the waste control company as they round up trash around the neighborhood.

City officials said the little boy waits outside no matter what, “whether it was 30 degrees or 100 degrees.”

So Mitchell decided to give the boy something for always greeting him with a smiling face and even water and snacks at times, too.

“The crew on the back of the truck became friends with him and his family,” the City of Jenks said.

That’s why the crew gifted the boy with a new toy recycle truck that looks similar to the truck he sees as he greets his new friends.

Jack and Carolyn got to talk to Aaron! Listen below:

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