San Mateo High School's Phone-Free Policy Gets National Attention!

San Mateo High School's Assistant Principal Adam Gelb has been quite busy lately.

Ever since the news got out about the schools decision to go phone-free, HIS phone has been ringing non stop! At the beginning of the school year, students at San Mateo High School each received a Yondr pouch. The company, with a mission to create phone-free spaces, makes pouches that are locked magnetically. The phones stay with the owner, in the locked pouch. Each classroom has an unlocking device. Students put their phones into their pouch in the morning and it's unlocked by a teacher, at the end of the day.

Ever since this policy became effective, Assistant Principal Gelb notices a huge difference in how much kids are socializing, spending quality time with one another and interacting on a daily basis!

Jack and Carolyn talked to him! Listen below:

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