Largest Underwater Cleanup Of Lake Tahoe To Begin In ’20!

The world’s largest landfill floats as a garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. But even beyond our Earth’s oceans, lakes, like crystal-blue Lake Tahoe, are also on the decline because of plastic trash.

Tahoe resident Colin West and his diving team want to do something about it. In 2020, West and his team of divers will be swimming Lake Tahoe’s 72-mile circumference to cleanup piles of garbage that lay just below the surface of the lake’s picturesque waters. 

West has already conducted several dives to see how widespread the problem is. According to West, the most problematic areas are in harbors where tourists’ boats dock. Tourists who visited the lake before West was even born left behind a footprint that is still visible. West has found old objects including a boom box from the 1970s.

West is chronicling the massive cleanup effort through his documentary titled, “Make A Difference,” and he hopes to incite passion against plastic pollution.

Jack and Carolyn talked to Colin. Listen here:

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