Why are some Bay Area schools closed during the PG&E power shutdown?

Many California parents are wondering this week as they try to balance work and home life during PG&E’s massive lights-off operation, why schools are having to shut down, especially if homes on the same block still have power.

Now we finally know why.

Castro Valley Unified School District Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi says during power outages, schools can stay open for a few hours, but not for an entire day, Ahmadi said.

“If it’s all day, it’s really difficult. Most of the work that we do depends on electricity. The Internet is down, and so much of what we do now depends on technology. So all of that comes into play, about when to close a school and when not to,” she said.

Despite the difficult situation, Ahmadi said parents have been very understanding, and diligent about checking for updated information from the district.

Photo: Getty Images

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