Humane Society Silicon Valley Is Making A Difference During The Pandemic.

All of the good people at Humane Society Silicon Valley are making a huge difference when it comes to animal care during the coronavirus pandemic.

Not only are they making it possible for YOU to adopt a furry friend during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to technology, but they are also rescuing animals from outside the Bay Area and making sure that they receive the BEST care!

Kurt Krukenberg, President of HSSV, said that kitten season is on the way too, so if you have room in your house for a new kitten, you've found the right place!

As always the case, donations are needed to help with food and care for the animals at the shelter. If you can help or are interested in adopting, click here.

Jack Kulp and Carolyn McArdle talked to Kurt about all of the great stuff that HSSV is doing! Listen below...

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