The Morning Breeze w/ Carolyn McArdle & Cort Johnson

The Morning Breeze w/ Carolyn McArdle & Cort Johnson

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Bay Area Company Helping Local Residents AND Healthcare Workers.

The CEO of a Bay Area company is doing everything he can to give back to his community during the coronavirus pandemic and at the same time, helping Bay Area healthcare workers out as well., will pick up and deliver your laundry 7 days a week.

Ajay Prakash is the CEO of The company’s motto? It’s simple: “Make Mom Proud.”

Ajay and his team are working with small business laundry and dry cleaning partners helping them navigate in English. They are also serving Bay Area locals with their laundry pick up and drop off services to hospitals, healthcare professionals on the front lines, elderly households, people with kids who are homeschooling, and those in apartment buildings with limited access to laundry service while trying to social distance.

They are also donating supplies to healthcare institutions. Supplies like masks, paper goods, gloves and all products within the dry cleaning world.

For more information about, click here.

Jack Kulp and Carolyn McArdle talked to Ajay about the effort that he and his co-workers are making to help out the community. Listen, below...

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