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San Lorenzo Unified School Teacher Is Delivering Groceries To Her Students!


Lori gave Jack and Carolyn a call back the day after her story aired on The Breeze to tell them that not only did our listeners step up with donations but, one of our listeners even stepped up to help Lori deliver the groceries to her students!

We always say it but it bears repeating...our listeners are truly the BEST! Thank you to all of you who stepped up and helped! -- Carolyn

Lori Campbell is a third grade teacher at Lorenzo Manor Elementary School in Hayward. She's been teaching for 15 years. Like all teachers in the Bay Area, she is sheltering in place and was wondering how she could help her students.

Lori received her tax refund and thought "I should spend this on food for my students that are in dire straits." She went grocery shopping and made her first delivery.

Lori also had a root canal scheduled which can't happen during the pandemic so she used the money that she had saved for that to buy more groceries for more students.

Then people started hearing about what she was doing and they started asking her if they could Venmo her money so she could keep shopping and keep delivering!

For the last few weeks and with the help of donations, Campbell has been able to deliver over $2,000 worth of groceries to the families of her students who need it the most.

Look at how many groceries she is able to deliver with the help of the community making donations!

Jack Kulp and Carolyn McArdle talked to Lori! Listen, below...

Here is Lori's second call with us! Listen below...

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