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A Look At What Your Gym Might Look Like When It Re-Opens!

It's one of the biggest things we are all missing in our daily lives right now...the gym!

Don't worry, preparations are underway and many of our Bay Area gyms and clubs as they figure out ways to re-open their operations. But, things are going to look a lot different.

Many clubs are reporting that two out of three cardio machines will be closed to maintain social distancing and touchless check-in systems might be a wave of the future. You might also have to make reservations to use your gym for an hour at a time on an app.

Several gyms have moved a lot of their equipment for cycling and rowing outdoors into zones by the pool.

Many spas and saunas will remain closed for now. Eventually, lockers and showers would likely be limited to the use of every third one. Gyms and sports courts have been re-purposed with cardio equipment and with room for limited child recreation activities. For group classes like yoga, there are taped boxes on the floor and you would no longer be able to bring your own mat. You'd have to use a club issued sanitized one.

Yep, it's going to look a lot different!

Look at the photos that ABC 7 Bay Area news reporter Leslie Brinkley took of the Bay Club in Walnut Creek!

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