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Off-Duty CHP Officer Saves Hiker Stuck In A Whirlpool Near Yosemite!

This is just incredible!

Fresno-area CHP Officer Brent Donley, who happens to be trained in search and rescue techniques, was hiking Saturday while off-duty at Angel Falls near Bass Lake in Madera County with his family. The area is about half an hour from Yosemite.

While Brent was hiking, a 24-year-old man who was also hiking nearby, got swept up in a whirlpool with water that was flowing at 50 to 80 feet per second! The man obviously didn't realize how fast the water was.

Brent came upon the man and was able to rescue the man with the help of some other hikers! Brent used his backpack's strap after tying it to a small branch and extending it to the man.

It is very obvious that Brent's search and rescue training came into play, big time in this rescue!

Donley stayed with the young man and provided first aid until Search and Rescue deputies and paramedics arrived.

Great job to Brent and all of the other hikers that helped in this rescue!

Watch it, below...

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