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Kelly Clarkson's Message About The Protests And Looting That Is Happening.

2020 Hollywood Beauty Awards

Talk show host and singer Kelly Clarkson took to Twitter to voice her thoughts about the protests and looting happening in the country.

She posted two tweets and deleted them but not before they were screen captured.

One tweet stated, there is so much chaos and confusion happening right now so please don't just pay attention to the selfish idiots that are looting and tearing us apart even more.

The second tweet was about her having to explain to her children what is happening as they hear the sirens in their LA home and that the looters are selfish.

She posted a new tweet to clarify her statements. She said she is asking people to focus on Black Lives Matter and not the looters who are taking advantage of the protests.

It's sad how my words are being twisted. My intentions have been and always will be to do the right thing and the right thing is to listen, to educate myself and to be part of the change I wish to see. Black Lives Matter.

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