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He Was In The Best Shape Of His Life But COVID-19 Almost Killed Him!

Ahmad Ayyad is an athlete who was in the best shape of his life. But one morning, he woke up and he was in a hospital with a tube down his throat. He didn't know where he was.

He was in the hospital with coronavirus.

Once a 215-pound athlete with chiseled muscles and astounding strength, the 40-year-old looked like a completely different person.

"I woke up and looked at my arms, my legs, and my muscles were gone," he said. "I was kind of freaking out, like where are my legs? Where did my legs go?"

He is now officially a coronavirus survivor.

Doctors had placed him in an induced coma for 25 days to save his life. And even though he's recovering, this amazing athlete is still out of breath at times and still nursing the damage to his lung and heart.

But he has a message -- for those who refuse to wear a mask during this pandemic, for those dismissive of public health guidance, for those in the prime of their health and feel invincible against coronavirus.

"It worries me a lot seeing people take this lightly. I got it and survived, and I'm still terrified."

Watch his incredible story below..

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