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George Clooney Reveals How He Gets His Kids To Stop Fighting!

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George Clooney was on with Stephen Colbert the other night and like so many parents, George also has to deal with his kids fighting with one another every once in a while (as kids do)! So what does George do to get them to stop? He said when that when he hears his kids fighting in their bedroom in the mornings, he pretends to talk to Santa.

"I stand outside the door and I go, ‘Oh hey, hi, Santa!’ And then you hear Santa is there and he's like ‘Ho, ho, ho,’" Clooney explained as he impersonated St. Nick. "I say, ‘What are you doing here Santa?’ And he says, ‘Oh, I’m making sure that the kids are being good kids.' And I say, 'They are, Santa.' And you can hear them going, ‘We are, Santa! We are!’ And Santa’s like, ‘Okay.'”

Once Santa leaves, Clooney says his kids are "unbelievably well behaved.”

He joked, though, that he might have trouble with a similar technique in the spring: "I’m worried about the Easter bunny, because I'm not quite sure what he sounds like."

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below....

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