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Marin Man Asks If Anyone Would Loan Him Their Dog To Walk And This Happened

A gentleman in Marin by the name of Paul lost his Golden Retriever and was obviously so sad about the passing of his dog that he decided to do something pretty genius to pull himself out of his funk.

He posted on Nextdoor and offered to walk other people's dogs. Paul asked specifically for Golden's but was absolutely open to walking any and all dogs.

What he probably wasn't prepared for was the over 400 responses that he got from people in Marin that were offering their dogs up to Paul to walk!

The San Rafael Police department also responded to Paul's request. Paul even ended up going to the department to visit their comfort dog Blue.

Lynn Murphy is the department's Mental Health Outreach Provider. She said "Blue knew just what Paul needed and gave him lots of love and hugs. Lynn and Paul spent some time talking about Layla and the magic that dogs bring to our lives, all while Paul loved on Blue. It was a wonderful holiday gift for all three."

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below...

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