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People Waited 4 Hours In Line To Get Christmas Dinner At House of Prime Rib

We have been talking for MONTHS during the COVID-19 pandemic about how important it is to support our local businesses and included in that is restaurants. As you know, restaurants in the Bay Area have been struggling to stay open big time and how wonderful was it to find out about what happened at the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco on Christmas Eve night.

So many people went to the House of Prime Rib on Christmas Eve to pick up dinners to go for their families that the line was so long, it stretched around the block! We heard reports of people that waited for four hours in line! One man said he even took 1/2 day off of work so he could make sure he got in line early enough to get a prime rib dinner.

Joe Betz is the owner of House of Prime Rib. He said: "Never seen anything like this. I'm very grateful for the customers to come here. We try our best to speed it up but it's something we've never seen before."

Joe and his team prepared over 2,000 pounds of prime rib!

We are so happy for Joe and all of the staff at House of Prime Rib and thank you so much to all of the Bay Area residents that literally lined up for hours to buy a Christmas dinner from them and help keep their doors open! That is the true spirit of the holidays.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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