Bay Area Business Survives The Pandemic And Is Still Thriving!

It's been understandably tough for most businesses to survive the pandemic. But there is one store that has survived because of a loyal fan base and great customer service!

Captain Video in San Mateo, owned by Ira Belfer, offers everything from VHS to DVD's to CD's and Ira is known for his great customer service! People from all over the Bay Area drive to San Mateo to rent or buy from Ira's store. Ira has customers that even call from other states and have him ship them movies and music! He's got a huge selection of hard-to-find items and he's a nice guy! What's not to love?

You can connect with Ira and Captain Video, here.

Ira called into the Morning Breeze this morning and talked to Jack and Carolyn! Listen, here...