When Will San Francisco's Cable Cars Be Back? Here's Your Answer

The San Francisco cable cars might be back on the tracks again soon.

And it might happen by May of this year. The last cable car in SF ran on March 16, 2020. Because of the pandemic, they were all sent back to the cable car barn. But since the cable cars are such a big part of tourism in San Francisco, officials are doing their best to fast track the cars back into operation, as long as it’s safe. Tourism is San Francisco’s biggest industry, keeping at least 85,000 people employed, and bringing in more than $750 million in tax dollars into the city.

Former cable car operators will need to be vaccinated before they come back on the job. Some were reassigned within MUNI, and might have to be retrained and certified.

Jack and Carolyn talked about this on the Morning Breeze. Listen here: