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Woman Charged With A Felony For Not Returning VHS Tape Decades Later!

A woman in Oklahoma says she didn’t know she had a felony charge for over two decades for not returning a VHS rental to an Oklahoma video store. Caron McBride went to change the name on her driver’s license in Texas after getting married and when she did that, that's when she found out she was charged with a felony!

Court records show that in 1999 she "embezzled” the video cassette tape “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” from a store called “Movie Place." That business has been closed since 2009. 

She says she doesn’t remember even renting the tape. She also says over the years, she’s been rejected from five jobs, and now suspects the charge was following her.

She was successful in getting the case dismissed but she still has to get an attorney to expunge it from her record.

The DA’s office says the charge was filed under a previous district attorney, and after reviewing the case, they thought it was fit to dismiss it. 

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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