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The Morning Breeze w/ Carolyn McArdle & Cort Johnson

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Do You Use Any Of These Common Work-From-Home White Lies?

A team at conducted a survey of almost 1000 people who are among the 60% of Americans currently working remotely.

A whopping 83% of employees surveyed admitted to telling a lie while working from home. The most likely to use little lies were executives (92%), managers (90%), and junior-level employees (79%). One in three of these liars acknowledged having been caught telling WFH lies at some point.

Common lies include workers assuring colleagues they're working on a project when they haven't started (45%), fabricating connectivity to get out of meetings (40%), and using technology as an excuse not to enable their camera in a meeting (37%). About a third admitted to lying about being busy or on another line in order to avoid a call or meeting.

A third of respondents admitted pretending to pay attention in a meeting while doing other things. (Honestly, we thought that number would be higher!)

How about you? Have you told a white lie while working from home? What was it and did you get away with it? Let us know! 877-981-0981.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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