This San Jose Homeless Veteran Now Has An Apartment For Her And Her Dog!

Ana Espitia is a 10 year Navy veteran in San Jose. Like so many veterans, she and her emotional support dog Harley have been homeless and living in her car for the past few months. Ana was left without a home after her mom passed away and her mom's house was sold. She lived out of her car for several months and then went to the San Jose VA for help. They connected her with an organization called "Home First Services of Santa Clara County." They were able to help Ana get a 15 month lease on an apartment in San Jose with 1 year of free rent! A developer also stepped in to help as well.

The organizations that have stepped in to help Ana say the numbers show that it's a lot harder for female veterans to escape homelessness and they encourage other organizations in the Bay Area to follow their lead which could significantly help in putting an end to homelessness.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...