Why Are Younger People Ditching Their Smartphones?


Young people are discovering that they can do without their smartphones.

22-year-old “Eden” broke his smartphone. Most people his age would have been out the door in a flash to replace it with the same, or better model. Nope. Instead, he took his time and replaced it with one of those old style flip phones about a month later. Eden came to the realization that he was spending way too much time on his now broken smartphone, mostly time spent with social media. He’s opted to access his social media accounts ONLY through his computer, which automatically reduces the time he spends on those sites.

Eden is a member of Gen Z, and that age group averages close to 30 hours a week of screentime, and almost half say that social media makes them feel “sad, anxious or depressed”. THAT’S why they’re giving up their smartphones.

Jack & Carolyn talked about this on the Morning Breeze. Listen here: