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So, What's A "Social Hangover"? Oh yeah, It's A Thing

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With the COVID restrictions slowly lifting, a phenomenon known as “the social hangover” is becoming more of a thing.

A social hangover occurs when, all of a sudden, you try to make up for the lost socializing time you experienced during the pandemic. “A social hangover can feel like you’re walking in quicksand or being surrounded by a fog.” according to therapist Melissa Russiano. 

Don’t think of a social hangover as a sign that you should stop socializing. Look at it as an indication that you’re still adjusting to being able to get back with friends that you haven’t seen in 18 months.

The way around the social hangover is to “recharge” sleeping in for an extra 30 minutes or a trip to the gym.

Jack & Carolyn talked about this on the Morning Breeze. Listen here:

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