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A Customer Was Abusive To A Customer, And Here's How He Applogized.

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Waitress Tammy Ramsey was hard at work at the Union Bluff Hotel Restaurant in York, Maine, and the place was packed.

An angry customer.....angry and a bit tipsy because he had been waiting for a table for quite a while, lashed out at Tammy using a few words that we wouldn’t use on the Morning Breeze page.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. A letter arrived at the restaurant directed to Tammy. It was from the man who was verbally abusive to her a few weeks earlier. In the letter he apologized, and enclosed a $100 bill.

He wrote: “You never want to be ‘that guy’, and that day I was ‘that guy’. I’m sincerely sorry.”

Jack & Carolyn talked about this on the Morning Breeze. Listen here:

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