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This Is Where Tourists Are Flocking To These Days!

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Do you have a vacation coming up? There is a vacation trend that is on the rise as more and more people are getting out and about. It appears that television fans are heading to landmarks from television shows like crazy!

Rooms at the Salish Lodge in Washington (from the show “Twin Peaks”) are booking like crazy. Another hot spot for tourists is New York City, where fans are lining up to take pictures at the Brownstone that doubled as Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment stoop/steps on the show. Tourists are also going to Pennsylvania to landmarks from “Mayor Of Easttown” to the point that home owners are having to put up signs that say “do not trespass!”

We’ve definitely heard of this happening prior to the pandemic at places like The Brady Bunch House or the house that was used for the exterior shots of the show the "Golden Girls", but people are definitely getting out and about again and starting to do those touristy things and television and movie landmarks are for sure on the rise when it comes to people’s vacations.

Have you been on a tourist-vacation recently? Where did you go and what did you see? Let us know! 877-981-0981.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below....

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