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People Reveal Things That Made Them Realize They Weren’t Young Anymore!

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While folks may believe that age is just a number, that’s really just something people say when they don’t want to feel old. Unfortunately, a birthday isn’t the only thing that can make folks realize they aren’t young anymore, and now some are sharing when that happened for them. 

Someone on Reddit posed the question, “When did you realize that you are officially 'not young' anymore?"

One person said it was when they threw their back out scooping cat litter, another said it was when a song they loved as a teen was on an oldies station

Another realized it when a co-worker explained to them who Cardi B was just because they looked old enough that they wouldn’t know.

What was that moment for you? Call us at 877-981-0981!

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below...

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