How Patelco Credit Union Can Help You Improve Your Financial Future!

You've probably heard me bragging on Patelco Credit Union every Friday morning at 8:15am on The Breeze (and throughout the week too)! I've been banking with them for 25+ years and with good reason.

I moved my bank account to Patelco from a "big bank" back in 1996 when I was working for Pacific Bell. They had a branch in our building and several colleagues of mine and I walked into the Bishop Ranch branch and opened our accounts at the same time. I didn't realize all of the great things that were in store for me with Patelco at the time and I certainly didn't realize that 25 years later, I would be bragging about them to thousands of people on the radio every day!

From auto loans with great rates, to savings accounts that actually accrue interest, to the fantastic customer service that I receive every single time I walk into a branch, I have been a proud member of Patelco every single year for all of these years and will continue to be as long as they will have me!

Speaking of all things wonderful with Patelco, I had a chance to talk to Flora Nafei who is the Executive Director for Credit Union Affairs at Patelco Credit Union. Listen below as we discuss the history of credit unions and Patelco's history as well as how Patelco can improve YOUR financial situation.

(Patelco Credit Union is insured by NCUA)

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