Renel Brooks-Moon Talks About The SF Giants Making The Playoffs!

It's been 22 seasons since Renel Brooks-Moon started her Public Address Announcing career with the San Francisco Giants and tonight (Friday), she will sit in the booth announcing (and rooting on) her home team as they play game one of the playoffs against the L.A. Dodgers!

Is Renel excited about tonight? Of course? Is she confident? She says "I don't want to jinx it!" Fair enough.

One thing is for sure. Renel is grateful. Grateful for the fans. Grateful for how far the team has gone this year. Grateful for the platform that she has and the inroads she's made on so many issues, and we are so very grateful that she has taken time out of an extremely busy schedule to spend time with the Morning Breeze this morning.

Listen to her conversation with Carolyn McArdle below!

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