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"Driverless Taxis" Are Now Available In San Francisco!


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If you need a ride late at night in SF, driverless taxis may be coming to your rescue soon.

A company called Cruise will soon have autonomous cars picking up passengers late at night in San Francisco. And unlike some of the autonomous cars we’ve talked about in the past that would have someone in the car to make sure everything is working properly, these cars from Cruise won’t have anyone in the car.

You won’t be steering, controlling the speed, or in charge of the route that you take to get to your destination, and the idea of the experience being incredibly boring for the passenger is deterring some people.

The cars will be limited to specific parts of the city in the beginning and will run only from 11p-5am at first. The good news? You won’t run the risk of having a driver behind the wheel that is tired or, heaven for bid, intoxicated. In a way, these cars could actually be safer for passengers more so than a car with a driver.

The rides are free for now. You can join the waitlist today. Click here for more information.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below!

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