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Las Vegas Tourist Wins $229,000 On A Slot Machine And Didn't Know It!

Couple playing slot machine in casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Photo: Getty Images

One lucky tourist in Las Vegas hit the jackpot on a slot machine last month, but didn't realize it, until the Nevada Gaming Control Board tracked him down!

Apparently there was a malfunction in the machine. He hit a $229,000 jackpot, the machine didn't respond and the casino personnel weren't notified either, so he assumed he lost and he left the casino. By the time the error was noticed, casino personnel were unable to identify the man, who was from out of state. The gaming board took on an exhaustive search to make sure the man would be awarded his prize. Gaming officials combed through hours of surveillance videos from several casinos, interviewed witnesses, sifted through electronic purchase records and even analyzed ride share data.

It turns out, the man was a tourist from Arizona. The Nevada Gaming Control Board says they have awarded him the $229,000 prize!

The man was already back home when he was notified of his winnings last week. Gaming officials said that he will return to Vegas to collect his overdue prize.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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