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Most Men Are Unhappy With Their Valentine’s Day Gifts!

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the focus is usually on men getting the right gift so their gals know they are loved. But men want to know that they are loved too, and apparently women aren’t doing such a great job of showing that. 

A new survey by Manly Man Co, finds

  • 70.5% off men say admit they get bad presents on Valentine’s Day.
  • And this is despite 55.9% of men who say they plant suggestions to their partner in order to get better gifts.
  • And it sure sounds like gals could benefit from giving better presents.
  • That’s because 67% of men say they are more likely to 'give romantic favors' for better Valentine's Day gifts.
  • Overall, 74.7% of Americans say women get the better gifts on Valentine’s Day, with 50.2% of women agreeing.
  • When it comes to who gives the better gifts, 50.9% of men believe they do, while 49.1% of women think they are the better gift giver.
  • But while people think they are good Valentine’s Day gift givers, it sounds like not many people actually are.
  • In fact, 36.4% of those polled say they've never been excited by a Valentine’s Day gift from their partner, while 34.5% say they can’t remember the last time they were. 

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Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below...

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