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Jennifer Garner Buys Starbucks for Those in Line Behind Her!

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If you were behind Jennifer Garner in the Starbucks line on Monday, congrats on your free drink from Jen! That's right, Jen paid it forward... and literally behind her as she paid for the coffee for the people standing behind her in line. 

Jen shared the video to her Instagram story, where she not only paid for other people's coffee, but gave the Starbucks employees a generous tip. In the video, she asks the barista for a grande mint tea and then hands her money. Jen then says, "If I give you this to pay for the people behind me, and then this for you guys. So, that's for you guys. This is just to pay for whomever is behind me. Thank you and pass it on."

On the video itself, Jen emphasized how important doing good deeds is. "Coffee is always a worthwhile little act of kindness" she wrote. This is just Jen's latest act of kindness, as last month she baked and delivered cookies to the LAC+USC Medical Center.

Watch the video below!

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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