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Signs Of Things Getting Back To Normal For Small Businesses In The Bay Area

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There is a bit of a ray of sunshine these days as it feels like we are making some headway on getting back to normal. Masks are coming off and other COVID-19 restrictions are going away. One of the questions that is still on a lot of people’s minds is the situation with office workers and whether they will ever return full time or not.

With office workers not coming into work as much as they did pre-pandemic, the businesses surrounding these corporations like breakfast or lunch spots, bars, or bakeries…. those businesses REALLY suffer. A lot of those businesses are family owned and without workers coming into the office, there is no revenue coming into these smaller establishments.

Here’s the good news for those small business owners though, not just in the Financial District, but all over the Bay Area. More and more people are in fact, starting to go back to work. You see more people on the streets and more commuters in their cars, headed to work. It’s a GREAT sign for our economy as a whole.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. (Audio courtesy of ABC 7 Bay Area) Listen below....

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