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Rob Kenny Is Known As The "Internet Dad". Here's Why.

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Rob Kenney is known as “the Internet Dad”.

When Rob was 14 his father abandoned him, along with his seven siblings. Since their mother was unfit to be a parent, the kids were essentially left on their own. There were no adults to offer kids practical advice, like how to unclog a drain, or how bake chocolate chip cookies. And there was the emotional pain of being left alone.

When he became an adult, Rob vowed he would never let his own children experience such loneliness. He also realized that there were so many other children going through the same thing.

He started his own YouTube channel called “Dad, how do I?” It offers practical advice on fixing things around the house as well as emotional support. He started the channel because he knew the feeling of not having a father figure around to give advice.

His channel has almost 4 million subscribers, and you can check it out here.

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