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Americans Are Worse Tippers Now Than They Were Pre-Covid!

Woman on a date at a restaurant enjoying a glass of wine

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A survey by finds despite one-third of Americans vowing to be better tippers in 2020 and 2021, the amount of people tipping has decreased.

In 2022, 73% of Americans say they always tip when going to restaurants, which is down from 77% in 2019, and 75% in 2021.

Tipping has actually gone up for hairstylists/ barbers, with 66% of people say they always tip their stylist, up from 63% in 2019.

When given tipping suggestions, 26% are inspired to give more than the suggested amount, with 7% giving “much more.”

Would you say that you tip more now than you did pre-pandemic or less?

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below...

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