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Rancho Cordova Gas Station Glitch Gives Customers 69 Cents/Gallon At Pumps!

Close up hand holding green gasoline fuel nozzle and being fill gas tank of black car in gas station Concept of Global Fossil Fuel Consumption.  Replace by alternative energy in near the near future

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People at one Rancho Cordova gas station were calling friends and family to fill up fast Thursday when an error on the pumps had gas selling for just 69 cents a gallon.

It happened at the Shell station on Sunrise Boulevard and White Rock Road.

“It was crazy, It turned into a circus within a matter of minutes,” Eddie Surita said.

“I started looking around and everybody had a smile like everybody had a big smile and they kinda were not looking at you in your eyes,” Darryl Surita said.

Somehow, the decimal point in the advertised price was mistakenly moved. $6.99 a gallon for premium became 69 cents a gallon.

The mistake took management at the station three hours to fix. They would not comment.

In a summer of soaring gas prices that people are trying to make sense of, this gas station was selling it for just cents.

The last time gas prices on average were 69 cents a gallon was in 1978.

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