The Morning Breeze w/ Carolyn McArdle & Cort Johnson

The Morning Breeze w/ Carolyn McArdle & Cort Johnson

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Could a "Backwards Career Move" Be For You?

They are referring to it as a “backwards career move.”

Last year, 53% of Americans who quit their jobs made a career change. Some of these career changes were minor, while others completely restructured their lives to pursue a passion or other interest.

TikTok user Mandy recently accumulated over 12,000 views after claiming that quitting her corporate job to work as a barista has left her “…happier, more grounded” and “more financially secure.”

She said “Financial wellness didn’t click for me until I finally left the desk job that was draining me to return to the barista role I loved.” “Up until that point, doing anything unconventional or making any move not seen as financially sound TERRIFIED ME.”

“I am forever grateful that I took the leap (or step backward as many, many people told me) bc I’ve never been happier, more grounded, or more financially secure,” she continued. “There are no rules, do what works for you.”

Mandy elaborated on her reasons for making her video. “The main point I try to get across is that a traditional 9-5 isn’t the only option and that you’re job does not define your worth,” she explained. “There are so many different ways to live and only you know the best option for you.”

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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