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Would You Pay $90,000 For This Parking Spot In San Francisco?

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We all know that parking can be nearly impossible in certain cities here in the Bay Area, San Francisco of course being one of those cities!

Apparently there is a parking space in San Francisco about 1 block from Oracle Park that has been listed on line for rent for $90,000! Specifically, the spot is located at 88 Townsend and is in a covered garage.

Currently, the spot is being leased for $300 a month.

The spot is part of a condo complex. The realtor says it's near the door to the lobby and "it's really convenient.”

The realtor said what makes this parking spot unique is that there are no rules that specify only residents can use it.

That's because the city of San Francisco is trying to get people out of cars, so when new buildings pop up, tenants typically get a maximum of one parking spot per unit, he said.

Although he hasn't received any offers, he said a lot of people are calling, including people who've offered half the asking price.

The realtor said this isn't uncommon. You could probably find parking spaces for $1 million in New York.

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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