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Doctor Ditches Car Stuck In Traffic, Runs 45 Minutes To Perform Surgery!

Close Up Hand Surgeon With Scalpel In The Operating Room At Hospital.

Photo: Getty Images

One doctor recently proved his dedication to his job.

Gastroenterology surgeon Dr. Govind Nandakumar was on his way to a scheduled surgery in Bengaluru.

Unfortunately, Nandakumar was stuck in heavy traffic which was sure to make him late.

His solution? Getting out of the car and running almost two miles for 45 minutes to make it to the operation.

Nandakumar even shared his run and info on Instagram, writing, "Sometimes you got to do what you got todo !"

Would you do the same thing if you were in the same situation? Would you leave your car behind?

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below...

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