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A Royal Guard At The Queen's Coffin Collapsed Yesterday!

Embroidered Queens Crown Badge and Union Jack

Photo: Getty Images

The BBC suspended a live broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II's lying in state at Westminster Hall on Wednesday after one of the royal guards protecting Her Majesty's coffin suddenly collapsed.

The guard was standing at the foot of the late monarch's casket when he lost consciousness. Viewers were left increasingly concerned for the Queen's guard, who was immediately attended to by nearby officials before the livestream was suspended.

Soldiers in ceremonial uniform are maintaining a constant, 24-hour vigil around the Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall. While the soldiers rotate position every 20 minutes, they are permitted to stand completely still around the four corners of the coffin for six hours a shift.

Soldiers are taught to avoid toppling sideways or clinging to nearby infrastructure for support. True discipline is displayed by those soldiers who can topple forward face first while still holding their bayonet-tipped rifles.

It may look easy, but standing perfectly still for elongated periods of time can put immense strain on the body and mind, causing exhaustion, muscle strain, lower back pain and swelling of the feet.

Not to mention the weight of their uniform, environmental conditions and pressure to fulfil their duties.

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