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Flight Attendants Reveal Their Biggest Pet Peeves On Flights!

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It’s no secret that flying these days can be a nightmare. But if it’s a terrible experience for passengers, imagine what it must be like for flight attendants who have to deal with a bunch of crabby flyers.

There’s no doubt flight attendants have a long list of grievances when it comes to passenger behavior, and now some of those airline workers are spilling the beans. It all started when the Two Guys on a Plane Twitter account, run by two married flight attendants, asked, “Flight attendants, what’s your biggest pet peeve on the airplane?,” prompting plenty to chime in.

Two Guys started first, offering up their biggest pet peeve, “passengers wearing noise-canceling headphones and yelling “what” when you try to speak to them.”

Other pet peeves include:

  • “How about people who just don’t even wear headphones and play their videos, music, video games, kids movies for all of us to hear?”
  • “Putting backpacks in overhead bins when we specifically tell people it's a shared space and intended for the big suitcases and to put them under the seat in front of them.”
  • "Switching seats without asking (when it’s assigned seating). Just ask guys."
  • Passengers who “diapers, liquid soap bottles, wedding rings, and cell phones in the toilet. I’ve had to pull all kinds of stuff out of there.”
  • “Galley Yoga. I absolutely hate it when people mistake our kitchen for a Yoga Studio.”
  • “I once came back to the galley mid-service to find a woman doing a headstand. Uh, no...we work in here, thank you.”
  • “Asking for black coffee…. With cream and sugar🤦🏽‍♀️”
  • “When I’m doing drink service and I give A and B there drinks and C act like they don’t see me until I move to the next row.”
  • “When they think that completely ignoring you means “no thank you.’”
  • “Asking for an upgrade and acting all offended when I say ‘sure, do you want to use mileage or credit card?’. Yes dear, I know you meant *free* upgrade, I play this game every day. Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer.”
  • “Passengers being on the plane. Period. End of story.”

If you are a flight attendant, do you agree with this list and is there anything you would add?

Carolyn McArdle talked about it on the air. Listen below...

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